Regarding SHR Beta1.4

First of all: This is an apology.

What happened to the update?

Some of you may have noticed I had a timer counting down to the release of Skyrim Heart Rate Beta1.4, this was set to release June 1st 2013, and everything was ready when I got there. The first problem I ran into was purely technical. I couldn't get the file uploaded to the nexus, I don't really know what happened, but it didn't show up in the files tab. So I tried a couple of times, and decided to wait a bit before trying again. In the mean time, I had time to test out the mod for a bit longer, and I started to notice some major issues. This was due to a bug, that came when I had overhauled the buffs system. This would cause some serious changes to your character if you played with the mod for a prolonged time. Of course I couldn't upload a broken mod, so that is why the update is not live. In the mean time, there's nothing wrong with Beta1.3.

When to expect the update

I'm currently redoing the update, and making some improvements to it, so you should expect Beta1.4.2 fairly soon. I can't say for sure, when it's ready, but I'll start the timer as soon as I know when it's ready. I'm very sorry for this inconvenience, and I hope you understand.

Tarzan Yell 4.0 is out

That's right... Tarzan Yell is not dead

I've redone follower support completely, so it doesn't have a limit anymore, this works with cloaks instead of pure scripting, so it should be more efficient now.

Still... if you have any problems, please let me know.

I've added four new shouts

- Get to the chopper - Predator

- You rebel scum - Star wars

- Soon the Rebellion will be crushed - Star wars

- Spoon! - The Tick

I realize this is a bit few, but it is very hard to isolate a quote, and cancel out the background noise, for some of them.

Future Mod Ideas


Here I will list some ideas I have for future mods. These are the projects, I have ideas for, but haven't started work on yet. This is to show you, what I have in store for you, and I trust these ideas will not get "stolen". If you want to work on them, please contact me about permission or collaboration.

Feel free to add ideas in the comment section.

List of my Ideas

  • Holy Warrior
  • Duelists
  • Mother of Dragons
  • An advanced system for Magicka


What your donation means

I will continue to make mods, no matter what. It's a hobby of mine. What your donation will mean, is that I will have more time and resources to spend on making them. I don't earn much money as a student at the University of Copenhagen, so I have to spend time to finance my own survival.

Furthermore your donation will greatly encourage me in my work. It's hard to overstate the excitement you feel, when users appreciate your work.

You shouldn't feel obligated to donate, if you use my projects. It's free.

Your donation doesn't mean I get another day off, it means you get more and bigger mods.

I will be forever grateful to you, and you will hold a special place in my heart.

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