Tweaking SHR


Choosing your Heart Rate Model

- The quadratic heart rate model is probably the most realistic model of them all.
- The player will get a bit more control of his/her overall heart rate, if it is suddenly required, they change from a very low heart rate to something high. On the other hand it is easier to calm down after a fight. This is because the heart rate is very sensible to what the player is doing in this model.
- It can be quite hard to make slight changes in your heart rate. For example, if you're just above the threshold, it will take some time for it to change.
- A quick fight may increase your heart rate pretty quickly, so you wont struggle with being out of stamina, but it means that you'll have to relax after every fight, to bring your heart rate below the Threshold.

Linear - Anzious' favored model
- This is kind of the golden middle way between realism and game IMO. It's more player friendly, in that it still weighs the players actions pretty highly, but still enables him/her to make slight changes without too much effort.
- I'm finding it hard to list any, since it's my favorite :)

- This might be the easiest to understand, since it simply changes your heart rate at the same speed, without caring about what the player is doing. If the player is sprinting, the heart rate will increase with the exact same speed, as if he/she was sprinting.
- It might break your sense of immersion, that you cant really control how quickly you want your heart rate to change

Choosing your LTS Model

Quadratic - Anzious' favored model
- Probably the most realistic simulation
- You're rewarded for keeping a low heart rate. Even if it is above the threshold, it will not be tiring. On the other hand, you will quickly get tired if you sprint everywhere.
- Again, I'm very happy with this model myself, so I can't really think of any

- A middleway between realism and accessible gameplay.
- Your heart rate does influence the impact on your LTS, but it isn't as gradual as Quadratic
- It may feel a bit punishing to just have a slightly elevated heart rate, and not punishing enough to have a pounding heart

- A fairly simple, and easy to understand model, that increases/decreases your LTS at a constant rate
- Very punishing for a player with a slightly heightened heart rate
- Quite unrealistic

What's this button do?

In your MCM menu under the advanced tab, you should see a decent amount of sliders, a couple of drop down menus, and a single toggle option. Here is a list of all of them, and what they do.

The Model Selectors
This is fairly simple. It lets you choose between the different models, the mod should use. A model is how the computer updates your stats. How it takes the numbers and makes new numbers out of them. To see what the different models mean, check out "Choosing your Heart Rate Model" and "Choosing your LTS Model"

The Multipliers
The Multipliers, are a simple way of slowing down/speeding up the rate of change in your heart rate and LTS. The higher a multiplier is, the faster the specified stat will change, this is of course both positive and negative.
You're raiding a bandit camp, when you sprint in to attack, your heart rate will increase until it reaches a specific value. If you have heart rate multiplier set to 2, your heart rate will increase twice as fast. You kill all the bandits, and find that your LTS has decreased. If you had LTS Multiplier set to 0.5, your LTS would only have decreased half as much.

The Ratio Sliders
These sliders simply allow the player to choose if he wants a stat to increase or decrease faster. It means, that if you have your Heart Rate Ratio set to 1.5, your heart rate will increase 1.5 times faster than it will decrease.

Threshold Slider
This lets you change, when you want your heart rate to have a negative or positive impact on your LTS. When your heart rate is below the threshold, your LTS will increase, and when your heart rate is above this threshold, you LTS will start to suffer.
You have to run to the closest, because it's really cold, and you're hungry. When you get there, you find that your LTS has decreased. If you threshold was higher, your heart rate would've had a smaller impact on your heart rate. You go on in, and sit down to have a beer and a meal, your heart rate drops, and your LTS starts going up again. If you turn up the threshold, your LTS will start increasing earlier, because your heart rate does not have to go so low, before that happens.

The Caps
The caps decides, where you want your heart rate to go when you're doing the specified. This means that when you start running, your heart rate will change either positively or negatively, until it gets there.
You've run the entire way from Whiterun to Windhelm, and you feel pretty tired from that. If your run cap is lowered you will not feel as tired, because your heart rate has not been as high from running, and it will not have had such a high impact on your LTS.
You're engaged in combat with a bunch of necromancers. They tend to flee a lot, so you have to spend a lot of stamina trying to catch them. Luckily your heart is beating pretty quickly, so your stamina regeneration is quite high. If your combat cap is higher, this stamina regeneration will be higher, because combat makes your heart go faster.

Adrenaline Rush
This is a simple toggle, that heightens your heart rate, when you enter combat.
You get ambushed by an assassin from the brotherhood. You've been walking and relaxing for some time, because you want to feel fresh for the upcoming dragon fight. This means your heart rate is fairly low, and you're not really warmed up for a fight, so you don't really have the stamina to continuously power attack him. If Adrenaline Rush is enabled, you will a get a quick boost to your heart rate when you enter combat, so you wouldn't be unprepared for an attack.