Solving the Issue


And how do we solve this problem then?
This mod introduces 2 new parameters, which have influence on your stats

Heart Rate

If we want to run in real life, it's quite hard in the beginning. But as we run, and our heart rate increases, we start getting more oxygen to our muscles, and our body becomes more used to the motion.

In the game this means:

The higher your heart rate is, the more bonus you will get to stamina regeneration (-5.5 to 5.5)
When you're not doing anything, your heart rate will stay at a steady 60 BPM. But if you start running, it will rise, until it reaches a specific level depending on what you do. These levels, can be modified freely in the MCM if you have SkyUI, or you can just set them via console commands (not recommended). The rate, at which it rises, is dependent on your current heart rate, the stuff you're doing, and your chosen heart rate model.

Of course you're able to lower your heart rate as well, you can do this by just walking, or even better sitting down (There's an included "relax" hotkey, which let's you sit down anywhere)

Long Term Stamina (LTS)

This is a parameter, which sets various bonuses for your stamina, and in extreme cases: speed. When you start, you will find your LTS at a value of 1000. This will not change until you start exercising. once your heart rate goes above the "threshold" (which can be specified in the MCM) LTS will start to decrease. The speed, at which it decreases, depends on how high your heart rate is, and which LTS model is chosen. Your LTS will then increase again, once your heart rate goes below the threshold again.

So what does all this mean?

You will not be forced to walk. In fact I encourage you to run, since it will dramatically change the way you play, it will feel more like you have to take breaks from time to time, to catch your breath and calm down. For example when you've just killed a dragon, and your heart is pumping like crazy, it may be a good idea to just take a breather, instead of just running off like nothing happened. This also means, you will get a new use for inns. I found myself automatically go to a bar and talk to New NPCs. It didn't feel like I was being restricted, but the mechanics simply encouraged me to go and sit down at bar to calm down.

I've balanced it, so a player will loose about 700 to 800 LTS from running non-stop all the way from Whiterun to Windhelm (following the road)

Keep in mind: This is my opinion, and this is why I'm adding as many tweaks as possible, to make players able to define their own system.