When I first played Skyrim I didn't really think much about Immersion. I was all about "completing" the game as fast as possible. Needless to say, I blazed through everything. Sprinting to places I couldn't fast travel to, and often skipping long conversations. Summary: I missed a lot of the game.

Then mods happened. It started out small, with armor mods and a few texture replacers. But when I downloaded Frostfall, I found an entirely new side of the game. I started downloading loads, and loads of immersion mods, and had a great time, but there was still one problem, nothing actually stopped me from running everywhere.

I tried some staminamods, such as Realistic Stamina and Running Drains Stamina (which I recommend in conjunction with this mod, if you're hardcore), but I couldn't really find immersion in them.

So I began developing this mod.

Thanks to Gopher for this Skylight preview